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Solutions for Your Concrete Problems Since 1998.


At McKee Concrete Services, we offer work in Vancouver, the Tri-Cities area, including all of the West Coast of British Columbia.

Whether it is natural un-coloured or integrally coloured existing concrete, we offer densified polished, acid stained concrete or densified dye stained polished concrete in many colours.  If your concrete floor has carpet or tile adhesive, whether it is acrylic or the old blackout, we can remove it.  Epoxies and surface sealers are no problem.  All of these can be removed quickly, revealing the beauty of the floor you already have.  If your floor is in need of repair but you still want the concrete look, we offer some tint and hide finishes that are literally a rainbow of colours that can hide blemishes, create accents, or colour a whole floor. For your building exterior we offer repair, cleaning, and invisible water and salt protection for above ground concrete applications.

Being well versed in most aspects of concrete has enabled McKee Concrete Services to acquire many Provincial and Federal contracts along with many high end residential and commercial contracts such as:


1. Winston Churchill Senior Secondary, Vancouver, B.C. Floor leveling and patching of all vertical interior and exterior concrete.


2. Castlegar Canada Post Depot.  Epoxy floor.


3. Terrace Canada Post Depot.  Trowel down topping able to accept forklift traffic.


4. Sea cove Secondary.  Rain slab repair for Sheet good products and VCT floor covering products North Vancouver, B.C.


5. TASC 1 and TASC 2 Simon Fraser University.  Densified and polished concrete including rain slab repair.  Over 100,000 square feet Burnaby, B.C.


6. University of British Columbia.  Michal Smith Building.  Densified polished integral coloured concrete.  Over 5,000 square feet.


7. University of British Columbia.  Beta Frat House.  Densified polished concrete floors and walls.  Over 1,500 square feet.


8. University of British Columbia.  Sauder School of Business.  Densified polished concrete floors with slab repair.  Over 38,000 square feet


9. University of British Columbia.  Beatty Biodiversity Museum.  Densified honed concrete.  Over 4000 square feet.


10. Capilano University.  Capilano University Bossa Film Center.  Densified polished concrete floors.  Over 40,000 square feet.


11. Colony Farm Forensic Assessment Institute.  Non slip epoxy floor in Woodwork Shop, Port Coquitlam B.C.


12. Chip Wilson's summer home on the sunshine coast for Cal Rudd Construction.


13. TAKU Resort, Quadra Island.


Polished Concrete Floors


Concrete Densifying


Rain Slab Grinding and Repair


Adhesive Removal


Concrete Staining and Dyeing


Concrete Cleaning and Restoration


Concrete Protection and Sealing


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